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Get the feeling of the far north right around the corner

Beautiful Swedish lodges by the waterside
Beautiful Swedish lodges by the waterside

VARMT VÄLKOMMEN is the traditional warm greeting for guests in the far north. For a few years now, you can experience a nordic feeling around the Sorpe Lake as well. The area offers next to the Swedish red lodges also three beautiful finntalos named Ida, Lotta and Milla. In 2015 tree houses were added and complete the picture wonderfully. With the popular high-ropes-course "Mosaik" and boat- as well as bike rentals the lake area offers full time entertainment. Even archery is a possibility here. With gastronomy like the "Meilenweit" in addition the "Nordic-Holiday Area"  became a family-friendly environment.


Families are very welcome and are granted special all-inclusive rates that make a vacation with a caravan or tents affordable and enjoyable for the entire family. You can also rent one of our mini-tipis oder spend the night in your own tent on one of our four campinggrounds. Between green forests, great hiking possibilities and a bike trail around the lake you will find a variety of restaurants and bars, next to two beautiful promenades and an experience trail that might lift you up in the air.


Treehouse Nils
Treehouse Nils

About Sorpesee GmbH:

The Sorpesee GmbH manages and cares for all issues related to tourism around the Sorpe Lake, which is without question one of the largest and most beautiful barrier lakes in the entire region. In the north the lake borders on the natural park Homert between Langscheid and Amecke and is part of Sundern. It is a popular recreation area for guests from the Ruhrgebiet or the Netherlands.


The lake area includes a public bathing beach, four camping grounds, a large promenade and many activities such as diving and rowing, or fishing and surfing. Beachvolleyball, biking, golf and hiking are also part of the diverse entertainment program.

If you like to take a tour, you might go for a trip on the MS Sorpesee, a ship that crosses the lake regularly.



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